Customize the background color and title of a UINavigationBar and the status bar

Here’s an example of how to customize the background and title color of a UINavigationBar without having to use an image (in this case, a blue background with a white title AND white status bar): // Set the navigation bar to blue [[UINavigationBar appearance] setBarTintColor:[UIColor blueColor]]; [[UINavigationBar appearance] setTranslucent:NO]; // Set the navigation bar’s title […]

Xcode Tip: Open multiple projects at once

I discovered this one accidentally since I really did want to open three projects at the same time after opening Xcode. It turns out that the “Open Project…” dialog in Xcode supports multi-select! So you can Shift-Down/Up to select more than one project, hit Return and all three projects will be opened simultaneously! I pretty much […]

Syntax highlighting for Swift in BBEdit and TextWrangler

Big thanks to Curt Clifton ( – his bio indicates that he’s with the Omni Group!) for creating this codeless Language Module for Swift that can be used in BBEdit and in TextWrangler. A BBEdit Codeless Language Module for Swift Curt indicates there are some limitations to codeless language modules: Keyword, comment, and string highlighting […]

UIView Animation with Swift

Here is a very simple way to do UIView Animations in Swift. First, you create an IBOutlet for a constraint created in Interface Builder in Xcode – in my case, I had a constraint that anchored to the bottom of the containing view. In the code example, the constraint is named “constraintToAnimate”. You just control […]