I’ve been using Mac OS X Mail.app for some years now and have always wanted the ability to resend an email message after I had already sent it (e.g. resend it to another recipient, instead of forwarding). I always thought this was a missing feature of Mail. Turns out it’s not. It has been there all along in various forms, and here’s how you do it: How to Resend a Message in Mac OS X Mail – About Email Resend a Message in Mac OS X Mail To send a message again in Mac OS X Mail: Highlight the message in the Sent folder (or any other folder you have moved it to). Select Message | Send Again from the[…]

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I love Mac OS X, but there’s been something that has always annoyed me about mac resizing behavior, even back to the days when I started using Macs with System 6.x, and that’s the Zoom button behavior. I get what it’s supposed to do, but I never agreed with it and never used it for that purpose… one of the only things Windows got kinda right was Maximize, so here’s a tip for making the Zoom button behave like a maximize button. The nice thing is that the Right Zoom application can be configured selectively.  Make the OS X maximize button work like Windows One very, very common question/complaint from folks who have recently switched from Windows to Mac is “Why[…]

Imagine my dismay when I discovered that my Apple Remote had taken a ride through the clothes washer and dryer a couple of weeks ago… As you may imagine, this journey rendered the remote inoperative and useless (albeit totally dry). Additionally, searching on the Apple Store was a bit more depressing since the device is evidently no longer available… yikes. eBay to the Rescue Thankfully there’s eBay. After nosing around a bit I was able to find several vendors who had very reasonable prices on basically brand-new remotes. I think mine ended up being $6.99 USD. At any rate, it arrived today and I was very pleased to try it out while listening to iTunes and it works perfectly. At[…]