Gus Mueller on The Wilderness

I’ve been feeling pretty much like this expresses lately, even with all this exciting news lately about iOS 8, iPhone 6/6 Plus, and ?WATCH (Apple WATCH):

The Shape of Everything: The Wilderness

However much time I’ve been doing this for, and no matter how much practice I put into it, there’s one thing that always sneaks up and pulls the rug right from under me. It’s usually between major releases, but not always. It’s a period of time where I’m pretty lost, and I don’t know what to do. I have feature lists, I have open bugs to fix, and I have an outline of where the app is going. But I feel mentally incapacitated, like I’m getting nothing done.

The good news is that I’ve got some exciting ideas brewing that I hope will come to shape soon…

How to add custom extensions to a language in Notepad++ to enable syntax highlighting

I needed to be able to add a new extension to the XML language definition in Notepad++, and found this Super User post to be simple and to-the-point.

Assigning custom extensions to a language’s syntax highlighting in Notepad++ – Super User

When you open a file in notepad++ it will attempt to load syntax highlighting for the contents based on file extension. If you use custom extension for one of the existing languages you can add the custom extension in Settings -> Styler Configurator. Select language and add the extension in “User extension” edit box. To add multiple extensions separate them using space. You then need to re-open your file to see the syntax highlighting applied. You can also change syntax highlighting style by selecting a different language from language menu.

Hope it helps someone else!

Choosing Bitness Inside Business Intelligence Development Studio

Visual Studio came to a screeching halt when attempting to run an SSIS package the other day, and it turns out that it doesn’t like running in 64-bit, at least when we were using this under Visual Studio 2008.

Therefore, here is some help for those frustrated by this (which, incidentally, feels like something the IDE should know about and just switch on its own)…

Choosing Bitness Inside Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)

If you’re running your package inside BIDS, the setup is simple unless you’re using the Execute Package Task or Execute Process Task to run child packages. The package you currently have open will (by default) run in 64 bit mode.  The setting that controls this is a property on the project called Run64BitRuntime.  To access this property, right-click on the Integration Services project in your solution explorer and select Properties.  Then select the Debugging node in the editor.  The default here is “true”, which means all the packages in this project will run in 64-bit mode.  If you change this to “false”, all the packages will be run in 32-bit mode.

Hope this helps!

Running Windows Phone 8 emulator in the Windows 8 virtual machine

Yes! It’s possible!

I am so glad to find out that it is possible to run the Windows Phone 8 emulator in Parallels. I’ll potentially be able to do Windows Phone 8 development via my mac before being able to do it on my corporate-issue Windows 7 machine!

I haven’t tested it yet but it looks promising.

Shouts out to the Parallels development team for making this happen.


KB Parallels: Running Windows 8 Phone emulator in the Windows 8 virtual machine