How to delete all .svn folders in Linux / Mac [#iosdev #git #svn]

I found this useful recently when receiving a batch of code from a client who still uses Subversion…

How to delete all .svn folders in Linux / Mac? – Techie Corner

To delete all .svn folder in Linux just follow the steps below:

  • Start Terminal
  • Change your current directory to your project folder (ex: /Users/me/Sites/project_a)
  • Enter the following into Terminal: find ./ -name “.svn” | xargs rm -Rf 

That should take care of it. In my tests I found one or two that still remained but this took most of the pain out of it.

Github Tip: What to do if Github is asking for Username and Password

Recently I had a strange thing happen with a new project hosted by Github, by which every transaction with the server requried a username and password. Thankfully, this Stackoverflow post helped me resolve it.

If Github is constantly asking for your credentials when you do a clone, pull, or push, and you know you have your SSH key already in your Github profile, check to see if you set up your local repository with the HTTPS version of the repository when you cloned it instead of the SSH version. If you can remember.

In either case, do the following:

  1. Blow away (or rename safely) your current repository directory.
  2. Go to the Github page of your project.
  3. Next to the text box that contains the URL for your repository to use for cloning purposes, click “SSH” to activate it. You will see the address change from “https://…” to “…”.
  4. Copy the new address and use that to re-clone your repository in a fresh directory.

Hope that helps.

Resend a Message in Mac OS X Mail

I’ve been using Mac OS X for some years now and have always wanted the ability to resend an email message after I had already sent it (e.g. resend it to another recipient, instead of forwarding). I always thought this was a missing feature of Mail.

Turns out it’s not. It has been there all along in various forms, and here’s how you do it:

How to Resend a Message in Mac OS X Mail – About Email

  • Resend a Message in Mac OS X Mail To send a message again in Mac OS X Mail:
  • Highlight the message in the Sent folder (or any other folder you have moved it to).
  • Select Message | Send Again from the menu (or press Command-Shift-D).
    • In Mac OS X Mail 1.x, select File | Open As New Message from the menu.
  • Edit the message and send it (again), like a new message.
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